About Kiwistyle Travel...

Kiwistyle Travel specializes in small-group motorhome travel to New Zealand. Our tours are designed for all types of travellers wanting to explore and experience all New Zealand have to offer.

As well as New Zealand’s stunning scenery, our tours feature exciting activities throughout New Zealand offering a fantastic combination of adrenaline filled thrillseeker options, scenic sightseeing tours, eco friendly cruises and unforgettable Wildlife encounters each tour offers something for everyone.

Why Travel New Zealand with Kiwistyle Travel Convoy Tours?

  • Ours tours offer the perfect combination between an action packed adventure tour and a comprehensive New Zealand sightseeing experience taking in all of the ‘Must do’ activities and attractions throughout New Zealand.
  • Each tour is specially designed to suit all travellers of all fitness levels and ages.
  • With a maximum tour size of only twenty guests, we can maintain intimacy, yet allow you to relax and develop lasting friendships with other travellers.
  • The Motorhome ‘Convoy’ style of our tours are perfect for those travellers who enjoy ‘independent travel’ feel of Motorhome travel  but want the security of a full escorted tour.
  • All of our trained guides/escorts have extensive experience in New Zealand travel and feel passionately about New Zealand as a destination, this love for New Zealand is soon felt and shared by our travellers.
  • We help arrange all aspects of the tour for you, freeing up valuable time for you to experience more. Extensive knowledge of New Zealand, friendly support and great guides make it the trip of a lifetime.